Can Amazon Win The Great Streetwear Race?

by MR Magazine Staff

The landmark Supreme investment signified sweeping change for the streetwear industry, effectively confirming streetwear’s rebirth as bonafide big business and signifying the shrinking gap between streetwear and high fashion. Since then, LVMH quietly bought into Stadium Goods, Louis Vuitton tapped streetwear’s frontman Virgil Abloh to take over its menswear operation, and every major fashion company from Gucci to ASOS has jumped on the bandwagon. With the streetwear movement firmly cemented in the mainstream fashion conversation, observers may have wondered: what’s next? Enter Amazon. Earlier this month, Massachusetts-based footwear and streetwear retailer Concepts quietly confirmed “a relationship” with Amazon’s Zappos subsidiary. “We have been engaged with our friends at Zappos and finalized a relationship that will help Concepts achieve our mission to elevate the customer experience within the boutique industry,” said Tarek Hassan, CEO of Concepts International, in a statement. While the exact nature of the relationship has not been specified, the boutique confirmed investment from Zappos. Read more at Hypebeast.