How can i get my customers excited to shop this holiday season?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: I’ve heard you say that November is the psychological start of the holiday shopping season. What should I be doing to get my customers motivated to buy?

Steve Pruitt: Yes, it’s that time again, but what we’ve found is that many shoppers have simply gotten out of the habit of buying apparel. We’ve been in a prolonged slow cycle, but the economy is strong, and there is no good reason not to shop. Try making your store a place of fun and joy. There is enough crazy stuff going on in the world, so a little joy is welcome. Get into the festiveness of the season.

Also, the feedback I’m getting is that traffic is tough, but when customers do come into the stores, they buy. Events are pulling customers in, so promotions are the name of game. Note that I’m not talking about price promotions—I’m talking creative, special events with small discounts. Make it a weekly contest with your staff to dream up new reasons to push promotions and events. Fill the calendar with special occasions and you’ll see traffic improve.

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