Can The Satirical, Often-Scathing Memes About Men’s Fashion Impact Sales?

by MR Magazine Staff

Earlier this year, a now-viral tweet declared the all-black Air Force 1 as the shoe of choice for shady activity around the world, and considering that it quickly racked up close to 25,000 likes, it would seem the internet resoundingly agrees. Like the Nike Roshe Run before it and the Fila Disruptor II after it, the AF1 became so heavily memed that the shoe now stands-in as internet shorthand for a whole host of other associations seemingly unrelated to the sneakers themselves. And it isn’t just on Twitter: Today’s menswear enthusiasts have taken the task of mercilessly mocking the products to all corners of the internet. The subreddit devoted to memes on r/malefashion now yields thousands of results, and on Instagram, there’s been a proliferation of meme accounts dedicated to ruthlessly poking fun at the ripe-for-parody nature of mainstream men’s fashion. Read more at Fashionista.