Can You Succeed In Retail With No Online Sales In 2019?

by MR Magazine Staff

The UK high street has become big news in recent months; with numerous articles debating the problems being experienced, expounding a variety of solutions and looking to predict who the next retail casualties might be. A common theme has been online shopping and its impact on the high street, with many retail casualties being attributed to their slow adoption of online shopping, a failure to introduce multichannel distribution and a large store footprint. Yes, online shopping has had a huge impact on the way consumers shop and the way many retailers operate but it’s not the whole story, as is showcased by Primark – the fast fashion brand doing it their own way and shunning online entirely! Looking at the all-important Christmas trading period there was a common theme amongst retailers posting positive results and its that they are either wholly direct to consumer online brands or have a strong online offering and multichannel presence. Read more at Forbes.