Canada goose gets personal in new campaign

by Stephen Garner

Canada Goose has launched a new global campaign that profiles three individuals – Alice Pasquini, Jiayi Zhao, and Jordin Tootoo – who are driven to give back to the people and places that inspire them.

The campaign begins with Pasquini, a prolific outdoor artist who captures the people of Italy, creating art that chronicles life in various locales across the country. She began leaving painted murals – what she calls “gifts to the community”– in small nooks within the architecture of her surroundings. These stunning works of art rejuvenated neighborhoods and helped struggling towns thrive.

Traveling from Italy to the Norwegian Arctic, Zhao – a Beijing-born polar expedition guide – is next in the campaign series. Her passion for immersing one’s self in nature ignited after experiencing the redwood forests just outside of San Francisco. This deeper calling and connection to the outside world pushed Zhao to develop her skills as an outdoorswoman and is now a sought-after guide for all expeditions to the poles.

The campaign’s final destination is the Canadian North, a place Canada Goose calls home with its long-standing commitment to the people that live there. Here, Tootoo, a former NHL player, activist, and now the brand’s newest “Goose Person”, pays homage to the raw and beautiful land of Nunavut. He became the first Inuk player in the NHL and went on to enjoy a 15-year career against all odds and personal struggles. Since leaving the league, he devotes his time to talking openly to Indigenous communities about mental health and his own individual journey to healing.

The brand enlisted film director, Janssen Powers – short-listed at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his two documentary shorts, and photographer, Diana Markosian – whose work has been published in the National Geographic, The New Yorker and The New York Times – to document these incredible individuals and their stories.

The campaign will come to life this fall in key cities – London, Berlin, New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto – through painted murals created by Pasquini.