by Stephen Garner

The Canali spring/summer 2020 collection tells the story of an intimate Italian summer, one that unfolds within a family dwelling immersed in a green landscape. An air of relaxation permeates the garments: playfulness bridges the gap between formalwear and sportswear.

Formal pieces soften, becoming deconstructed and unlined. Blazers are styled with rolled up sleeves and paired with drawstring pants or bermuda shorts. Safari jackets and cargo pants allude to a vintage era: one inspired by nature yet interpreted through a refined lens. Dress shirts make way for casual button downs, boasting patterns and relaxed silhouettes, while knitwear comes to life through intricate texture: sophisticated jacquards interpret dimension and depth on slightly oversized silhouettes.

The color palette draws on discrete hues, evocative of a summer spent on the banks of a lake or in the flowering countryside. The colors simulate a journey through the iconic Italian landscape: warm reds, hazelnut browns, lush greens and earthy neutrals recall the natural tones of the outdoors. Shades of white and gray delicately mingle with assorted hues of blue, which deepen to the color of a lake at dusk. Patterns enhance the chromatic movement with delicate mélange, woven effects, micro-motifs, and tone- on-tone expressions, each adding a touch of lively refinement to the collection.

The fabrics used further reflect the essence of lightness and ease. Natural materials such as linen – pure or mixed with wool and silk – cotton, seersucker and suede; combine in soft and elegant silhouettes. Some separates fuse natural fibers with innovative technology, enhancing a garment’s utility through specialized techniques, like the water, stain, and crease-resistant properties of Impeccabile garments.

Finally, the accessories and footwear favor the lifestyle of a man seeking comfort and adventure with practical travel bags, sneakers, and suede moccasins, on the horizon for next summer.