Cars, Bars, & Green Tea; Merch Goes Beyond The Borders Of Music

A new era of merchandise has swept the fashion industry, with museums, auto specialists and restaurants now joining in on the screen-printed fun. Highsnobiety examines the rising demand for logo-adorned merch from some of our favourite vendors. Since the ’60s, the printed T-shirt has evolved into a tone of voice, or a vehicle for an idea, rather than a mere piece of clothing. In the early days, concert merch was a way of conveying musical taste, but fast-forward to 2020, the merch you wear speaks volumes about the circle you run in. Merch has travelled from the souvenir shop to the world’s leading luxury retailers, becoming a means of self-expression, giving outsiders an insight into what we read, what cars we drive, and where we break bread. Read more at Highsnobiety.