by Karen Alberg Grossman
Cecile Revah

As the sponsor of the Chicago Collective opening night party that will reunite the industry on Sunday, August 8th, Bugatchi CEO Cecile Revah shares some thoughts on post-pandemic business and on life.

Q: How have you survived the pandemic—both personally and professionally?

A: It was difficult on both levels, as I’m sure it was for most people. Thankfully, we managed to get through it, and now it’s time to move on.

Q: What have you learned from this past year?

A: That things can change in the blink of an eye. That family and friends are all-important. The significance of caring for ourselves and for others. The need to keep positive and think ahead. The value of staying focused to keep moving forward.

Q: How’s business? 

A: Much better than we’d hoped for or expected.  Now that retail is picking up, our sell-throughs and re-orders are consistently improving and growing. Our retailers have adapted very well and many have changed their way of doing business. One thing COVID taught everyone is that you must be adaptable to survive.

Q: You’ve been traveling around the globe: how are men dressing in Portugal, Italy, Dubai?

A: Casual and elegant at the same time.  I saw comfort and ease first and foremost, but lots of style. It’s refreshing and encouraging to see.

Q: Your crystal ball on how American men will dress post-Pandemic?

A: I believe that the comeback will be social life first. Everyone is eager to get back to the social scene and dress up for it. It will give a much-needed boost to fashion retail. By fall, we should see more people back in offices and they will need to dress accordingly. Of course, this will help revive the sportswear and shirt business.

At the same time, we’re looking at the next generation of performance fashion. And this is why Bugatchi created its OoohCotton Tech® collection. Inspired by the desire to bridge the gap between work and leisure, we developed this revolutionary fabric that is double mercerized cotton with 8-way stretch, higher breathability, thermal comfort, quick-dry technology, wrinkle resistance, an anti-microbial finish, and easy care. The reaction we’re getting from retailers and customers is our best proof that this is how men want to dress post-pandemic. Without a doubt, they want clothes that combine style and performance.

Image courtesy of Chicago Collective

Q: What made you decide to sponsor the opening night party in Chicago?

A: The Chicago Collective is one of the first trade shows after the pandemic and it has become national in scope. What a perfect occasion to reunite the industry! The Chicago Collective and Bruce are making this reunion possible; it’s our pleasure to co-sponsor this event.

Q: Any other details on the party?

A: It’s on Sunday, August 8th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at theMART Riverfront Drive. After almost two years, it’s likely to be a very special industry celebration. Bugatchi has been a longtime partner of the Chicago Collective and we look forward to welcoming everyone back while showcasing our exciting spring/summer ’22 collection. With live music, a brand-new Riverfront Terrace, skyline views, an open bar, and amazing food, we’re sure to have a ball!

Q: What’s your best advice to retailers in this post-COVID era?

A: Rebuild with confidence, listen to your customers, and focus on the post-COVID era as a time of reinvention, opportunity, and renewed success. It’s been a long and difficult journey for everyone and we all deserve to celebrate!


  1. When I worked at Nordstrom ( a dreadful experience to discuss at a later time), it was always cringeworthy when customers and sadly employees who mispronounced and butchered your brand name. It was sad and funny at the same time.

  2. “Tough Times don’t last but tough people do “
    To be a retailer you must have endurance

  3. I know one thing this past years pandemic did not effect, how still amazing beautiful Cecile still is 🥰

  4. After 40 years of working with Cecile, I am still in awe of her dedication and passion for her work.
    During the pandemic, she managed in a way that is an extension of who she is : helping everyone with compassion, transparency , support and kindness while staying focused and forging ahead.

  5. Its been a tough year for us all. It’s inspiring to see a woman like Cecile leading the way showing that everybody gets knocked down, but it’s how you react and overcome the difficult periods. Cecile has never accepted “no or can’t” as an answer. She lives by example that when times are rough and your flat on your back, there is only 1 solution…. look up, get up, and don’t ever give up. Thank you Cecile!

  6. We have been working together for nearly ten years, I admire your passion for work and perseverance very much. you are also my good teacher and helpful friend.hope to continue to work hard for common development ! thank you ! cecile !

  7. Cecile’s insights into the current and future states of our market are spot on as always. Her energy and intelligence have made her one of my favorite customers over the years

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