by Karen Alberg Grossman
Fredy Joudieh

After 21 years in his San Carlos, CA store, Fredy Joudieh used the pandemic’s shelter-in-place mandate as an excuse to remodel. “We added a wine bar and an espresso bar to serve clients while shopping. We built a state-of-the-art music system into the walls and ceiling and play Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Michael Bublé, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall… Although we’ve been officially shut down here in the Bay Area, working only by appointment, customers tell me they feel like they’re shopping in Rome.”

“And true confession: When I first put the speakers outside the store, I was reprimanded by city officials. But then, families walking by with their children would hear the music and start dancing on the sidewalk. People would stop in and thank us, saying ‘We know the kind of person you are by the music you play.’ So that’s been wonderful!”

Joudieh has worked long and hard to nurture his business over the past two decades. “I graduated in 1984 with a certificate from the Milan Fashion Institute as a fashion consultant and color coordinator. This education helped me better assess customers’ height and weight dimensions to easily determine their size without needing a tape measure.” 

Immigrating to the States in 1989 from Lebanon, Joudieh worked in luxury retail for 10 years before deciding to go out on his own. He purchased Turturicci’s Clothing store in San Carlos, remodeled it, and began marketing his own brand. His target demographic is middle-aged fashionable men. Tailored clothing represents 20 percent of his mix (at prices from $750 to $2,650), casualwear is almost 50 percent, and fashion denim, trimmed shirts, and footwear account for 30 percent. Key brands include Lubiam tailored suits, d’Avenza coats and jackets, St. Croix casual shirts and knits, Mattarazi Uomo clothing and outdoor wear, Alberto Jeans, Meyer pants, Alberto Ceramica wrinkle-free pants, Michael Toschi shoes, Gimo’s leathers, Stenstroms, and Eton shirts. Last year he launched his own Sarrtori label suits, sports jackets, casual shirts, and outerwear.

According to Joudieh, current top sellers include modern-fit Alberto Jeans, state-of-the-art handmade St. Croix knits (specifically polos and crewnecks), and exclusive made-to-measure bespoke clothing from Lubiam and Matarazzi Uomo. “Clients select their own fabric and details (hand-stitching, buttonholes), and in four weeks receive exclusive custom apparel with their own signature,” says Joudieh.

“We’re now working diligently on our e-commerce platform to give us more options and presence should a second wave of the virus hit us here in the Bay Area,” he confides. “In the meantime, however, we learn to live with this pandemic, I remain optimistic. Our customers and our vendors have been incredibly supportive.”


    1. The minute you walk in to Sarrtori you feel as if you walk in a Clothing store in Rome or Milan .
      Freddy is great host as well and he will make sure you are at home in his Boutique and your Espresso and Biscotti Ready . He is awesome salesman as well so make sure to spend some money .

  1. Fredy,
    Congratulations for the remodel and kudos to you for your encouraging optimism during these challenging times. Wishing you prosperous business, when we are finally back to normal.

    1. My wardrobe never looked so good thanks to your eye for fashion you are an icon in your industry nobody puts together a suit and tie like you do.


  2. Freddy,
    As most of us take for granted your store is beautiful as is your merchandise. You are truly a kind and elegant man. Congratulations on your renewal. Best wishes for continued success.

  3. Fredy, The store looks amazing, congratulations! Your ingenuity, creativity and fantastic personality are an inspiration! I love how people are also responding to the beautiful music outside. Wishing you tremendous success! I look forward to visiting and sharing a glass or two of wine with you :-)

    1. Way to go Fredy. Your shop is a wonderful addition to our fashion minded community. Here’s to another 20 years!

  4. Fredy, The store looked great before and even better now, wow!!…great to see your back and telling the world to enjoy and do business.
    welcome back, my friend….stay healthy and safe….

  5. Fredy,
    So proud of what you have accomplished in the last 21 years. Keep up the good work!

    Love ya,
    (Papa Ben)

  6. Hey Fredy,
    You and the store look great. Stay safe and healthy…look forward to seeing you soon.

  7. Fredy,
    Congratulations on the longevity and latest enhancements! For the last 15+ years, you’ve helped make me look good in everything from jeans to a tailored suit for wedding day. Each and every time, the best part of the shopping experience is spending time with you and your wonderful optimism, encouragement and humor. Looking forward to raising a glass with you soon, my friend! Chris

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