Celebrities Warned Over Instagram Ads

by MR Magazine Staff

Celebrities and “influencers” in the US have been warned to clearly identify when they are promoting products on Instagram in return for payment. The consumer regulator sent letters to more than 90 individuals and marketing firms, though it has not revealed who was put on notice. It is the first time the regulator has intervened on the issue. An advocacy group which petitioned for the move said Instagram had become “a Wild West of disguised advertising”. The Federal Trade Commission targeted a sample of posts that either referenced a brand or directly endorsed products.
Its rules say that anyone endorsing a brand must “clearly and conspicuously” declare connections to it, for example if products have been given free, if a payment has been made for the endorsement or if there is a business or family relationship. The rules apply to marketing agencies involved in such deals as well as the endorsers themselves. Read more at BBC News.