by Stephen Garner
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After careful consideration, the team at Chicago Collective has decided to cancel its upcoming August menswear show.

Originally scheduled for August 2nd-4th, show management made the difficult decision due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak as well as City and State of Illinois phased reopening guidelines in terms of large gatherings

“While this is not the outcome we had hoped for, the health and safety of our exhibitors and audience remains our top priority,” said Bruce Schedler, vice president of Chicago Collective. “2021 will be an exciting year for the Chicago Collective. We plan to launch some digital initiatives this season to connect buyers and exhibitors. We also have some exciting partnerships and new brands joining us at the February show, which is going to be expanded quite a bit.”

The next show is scheduled for February 2021. Exact dates to be announced.


  1. Hi Everyone out there in menswear land,
    I find this question interesting, which is: If and when will you be comfortable going to shows? Showrooms? If you don’t go as a buyer or brand, how do you plan on making/showing your SS21 buys?
    I find this very hard to navigate as I am an agent and honestly I don’t think that we should be doing even minimal buying trips until there is some resolution to our current crisis. As a business owner I do not feel comfortable asking for an employee to do so either.
    Curious as to others thoughts on this.

    Stay Well

  2. Hi Grant,
    I am a 59 yr old who recently recovered from Covid-19 and tested positive for the antibodies. Doctors aren’t completely certain yet as to what that means for anyone. The doctor who tested me said that the medical community is not certain as to how quickly a vaccine will be developed, but regardless, our economy has to get back to business and on its feet again otherwise we can see ourselves in a global depression. He said we will have to enter the second half of this year treating this like a flu, and those who get sick will have to quarantine themselves and treat the virus like all those who got sick initially. He reminded me that the greatest majority of those infected survived. Now that we have better knowledge of preventative protocols we can greatly reduce the spread by taking these precautions and being smart. Wholesalers and retailers alike need to do business. I for one am ready to get back out there. I will also record a virtual line presentation to send to retailers who choose not to attend shows.

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