The Classic Peacoat Is (Still) One Of The Smartest Outerwear Moves You Can Make This Fall

by MR Magazine Staff

If giant shearling teddy-bear coats and conceptual so-ugly-they’re-cool parkas aren’t your scene, don’t worry. You, Milo Ventimiglia, and all of the other guys who just want to wear classic, handsome, well-made stuff and call it a day can slip on a peacoat this winter. The truth is, the coat still looks cool all these years later, even if it doesn’t qualify as fire jawnz. Plus, because the peacoat is an essential, designers are still doing their part to refine and rework it this season, which means you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are 15 that have our attention at a range of prices. Buy according to your budget, and also how long you plan to wear the thing. If you’re a classic guy who’s going to live in his classic coat for the next 3-5 winters, we saw double down on some good, European-made outerwear. Do that and who knows, you might just out-dress that guy in the cheap showoff coat standing next to you. Now that would be sweet. See more at GQ.