Clickbait Fashion! You Won’t Believe What Brands Are Doing Now

by MR Magazine Staff

Earlier this month, the U.S. fashion brand Fashion Nova posted a picture on its Instagram account of a model wearing a pair of pink jeans with extreme rips. The image has had almost 20,000 likes and lots of comments – and not all of them the fire emoji. One follower wrote: “Do you have these in a ‘no thank you’”, while another compared the rips to “another DREADFUL bear attack”. This isn’t just Instagram banter. Not long after the brand posted the image, the Sun picked up on the jeans, bringing them to the attention of a demographic that gets its news from more traditional sources than Instagram. Forget trends such as gingham or pastel gently trickling down from the catwalk on to the high street, the fashion pieces now most likely to make the news are the work of brands attempting to outdo one another with more and more attention-grabbing garments. Welcome to the world of clickbait fashion. Read more at The Guardian.