Coldplay’s Bassist Guy Berryman Starts His Own Menswear Line

Superstar musicians starting fashion labels is nothing new. P Diddy famously launched Sean John in the 1990s, Madonna had her Macy’s-owned Material Girl line and pre-running the world Beyoncé launched The House Of Deréon with her mother, Tina Lawson. What is relatively new, however, is musicians creating high-quality apparel lines to rival the stuff produced by actual, bona fide fashion brands (no offence, Diddster). Rihanna’s Fenty brand, for instance, was recently bought by LVMH, Bey’s Ivy Park activewear line has won international plaudits and Victoria Beckham’s standalone brand is the seasonal toast of London Fashion Week. Now, Coldplay bassist and all-round arch-masculine aesthete Guy Berryman is getting in on the act, with a new menswear line, which he’s called, somewhat enigmatically, Applied Art Forms. Read more at British GQ.