The Complete History Of The Fanny Pack

by MR Magazine Staff

A soccer mom at Disney, a tourist in socks and flipflops, a grandfather using a metal detector at a crowded beach—this is the demographic of people still wearing fanny packs. A little language lesson: The word fanny has a different (and less PG-13) meaning in Britain, where they call the accessory a “bum bag.” A rose is still a rose by any other name though. The fanny pack was once a huge global phenomenon until it became so popular, it reached the point of mockery. We would hate to call the fanny pack the new comeback kid, but the needle seems to tip that way. Kanye West, Ovadia & Sons, Telfar, and multiple other menswear brands all showed some form of fanny packs during New York Fashion Week. We’re seeking answers. First question: Dear lord, why? Second question: How did the humble hip-bag get its start? Read more at Men’s Health.