The Complete Men’s Guide To Tokyo

by MR Magazine Staff

Tokyo is the capital of contrasts. On one hand, it’s a mesmerizing metropolis, a manic assault on the senses, a melange of anime, cosplay, neon lights, Lolita girls and more raw fish than you could eat in a lifetime. This is the city other cities dream of being. A city turned up to 11. A city straight out of Blade Runner or The Fifth Element – eccentric, electric, bewildering, beguiling. Tokyo pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in urban living, simultaneously stretching towards the future and anchored firmly in the past. It’s not a place you can visit once. Japan’s sprawling capital feels like multiple cities stuck together, each with its own architecture and atmosphere. You could spend a weekend in every neighborhood and still not see it all. But let’s say a weekend is all you have. To attempt to experience everything Tokyo has to offer in 48 hours is a fool’s errand, but thoughtful planning can give you an exhilarating overview. Decide ahead of time what kind of trip you want and use the D’Marge guide to Tokyo to determine the must-dos, must-sees and must-eats. You’ll be planning your next visit before the first has even finished. Read more at Gizmodo.