Confronting the Fashion Industry’s Murky Accountability Problem

by MR Magazine Staff

The smoke and mirrors of globalized supply chains are a huge hurdle for the fashion industry, which is, clearly, in dire need of change. It feels almost redundant to mention the countless reports and articles out there, documenting the colossal environmental impact of clothing production, but still – progress is slow. That’s because fashion brands are giant, lumbering beasts, which have been making clothes in the same way for decades. If they’re silent on where their clothes are coming from, it’s often because they don’t even know themselves; they’re just dealing with suppliers, who are in turn dealing with their suppliers, and so on, until you get all the way back to the raw material. That distance can actually be convenient for brands who are reluctant to change their ways. When every step is being handled by someone else, it’s easy for the guys at the top to pass the buck. Read more at Highsnobiety.