Most Consumers Welcome AI; Here’s What It Means For Retailers

by MR Magazine Staff

Artificial intelligence (AI) has leapt off the pages of science fiction novels and into our daily lives. To millions in the US and around the world, coexistence with AI such as Siri and Alexa is as normal as ordering pizza and watching Netflix. Although the public does foresee major changes as a result of our new cybernetic future, perception is generally optimistic. According to a recent survey by Conversica, three out of four respondents believe that artificial intelligence will have an overall positive influence in the years to come. Much of this feeling has to do with advances in education, medical science and safety, but there’s also a strong belief that AI will improve our daily lives. AI can lower time spent on repetitive tasks and free up individuals for more rewarding activities. If customers aren’t resistant to change, retailers shouldn’t be either, so it’s worth exploring how AI is adapting to the commercial space – and how retailers can adapt to it. I sat down with Tarun Gangwani, an AI and cloud computing entrepreneur and the Head of Product at Grok, to share some insights on AI trends in retail. Read more at Forbes.