by Stephen Garner

Covalent, a new direct-to-consumer fashion brand from parent company Newlight, has launched the world’s first regenerative, carbon-negative fashion products made with AirCarbon. The new range of minimalist essentials include handbags, wallets, and eyewear, and is now available for pre-order on

Helmed by Newlight CEO Mark Herrema and creative director Yotam Solomon, Covalent uses balanced designs to create simple, yet bold silhouettes, and the product itself is crafted with AirCarbon: a carbon-negative material made by ocean micro-organisms using air and carbon from greenhouse gas. By using greenhouse gas as a resource for material production, each Covalent product generates a net carbon-negative footprint and demonstrates the utility and beauty of carbon in greenhouse gas.

Covalent also shares the exact negative carbon footprint for each of its accessories, revealing the amount of carbon that was diverted from entering the atmosphere as a result of its production, including all material production, assembly, and packaging. These carbon footprints are verified by third-party LCAs and backed by innovative carbon-tracking blockchain technology.

AirCarbon can be used as an alternative to acetate in eyewear, and leather in accessories. Covalent’s AirCarbon acetate replacement (AirCarbon Resin) has a naturally rich and weighty matte texture, and its AirCarbon leather replacement (Non-Leather) has a modern-grain and a smooth, matte hand. AirCarbon itself has a natural, off-white hue, which is maintained for several AirCarbon Non-Leather pieces, with the whole collection also available in Carbon Black. Some of the AirCarbon Non-Leather goods are available in a unique, embossed, hexagon pattern, paying homage to the golden ratio, which is found throughout nature.

“We think that to help empower change in the fashion industry, consumers should have actionable information about the carbon impact of the products they use,” said Herrema.

Covalent Non-Leather goods are produced locally in Southern California, while Covalent eyewear is manufactured in Italy, both using the same attention to detail as traditional luxury fashion houses. Covalent’s first collection is comprised of 35 products and is available for pre-order, with shipping slated to begin in Q4.