COVID-19 Has Changed Celebrity Culture—And It May Never Go Back To Normal

Across the internet, in group chats, and on Zoom calls, people are asking, “Where is the gossip?” Click through the Star Tracks gallery of, updated daily, and it looks like every celebrity is doing the same thing I did today: going to the grocery store in a tracksuit. Or what I did over the weekend: looking terrible while taking a socially distanced walk with a friend. Endless paparazzi photos of celebrities with covered faces going to upscale grocery store Erewhon (to buy ridiculous items like $9 “germ warware” shots) do not a compelling story make. With so many of us stuck inside, gossip seems to be in short supply. Scroll down celebrity Instagram feeds, though, and it’s a different story. Exhibit A: Demi Moore’s Instagram photos showing her quarantining with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Read more at Fast Company.