Cult Shoe Brand Allbirds Steps in a New Direction: Eco-Friendly Socks

by MR Magazine Staff

Do you or don’t you? Wear socks with your Allbirds, that is. According to the company half the (slightly obsessive) wearers of its cultish wool sneakers do in fact wear socks, which is why the company is launching its own line of eco-friendly socks. The socks are made of an entirely new material, which is a proprietary combination of wool and eucalyptus fiber, and which the company calls Trino. They are manufactured in North Carolina, come in three styles and six colors, and range from $12 to $16 a pair. Co-founder Tim Brown said Allbirds had been thinking about socks from nearly the beginning and while they started out as apparel novices, they were determined to make a great sock. Over the course of eighteen months, Allbirds worked to create a merino wool and eucalyptus “bespoke yarn,” he said. Read more at Fortune.