Custom Rolexes Are In High Demand And Lizzie Mandler Shows Why

Rolex doesn’t survive on hype. That’s part of what makes it such an icon — no matter what trends are, people will always aspire to own a Rolex timepiece, new or vintage. That said, we’ve seen a bunch of mouth-watering custom Rolexes emerging in the past few weeks and the trend has got us a little hot under the collar. The latest custom Rolexes on our Christmas list come courtesy of Lizzie Mandler. Founded in 2012, Lizzie Mandler’s eponymous jewelry line is founded on the idea that jewelry should be worn and treasured forever, making it the perfect pairing for Rolex. Mandler’s background in costume jewellery means that there’s usually a distinctive flash to each piece and in the case of her custom Rolexes, that’s the inclusion of understated diamonds to the dials. Read more at Highsnobiety.