by Stephen Garner

Amsterdam-based clothing brand Daily Paper has opened the doors to its inaugural NYC flagship store. Located at 18 Delancey Street, the new two-story shop, with 1,140 square feet of retail space, mirrors the brand’s Afrofuturistic aesthetics mixed with its Dutch roots.

The Daily Paper team, in partnership with interior architect designer Heather Faulding of 4plus Design, prioritized the store features inclusive of a façade, statues, mosaic, arches, glass floor, coffee bar and lounge, and mural.

Highlighted design elements include a Dutch Gable over the entry and panels over the façade using soda cans in a pattern that evokes the beadwork of Africa. Smaller windows were also used to show only a vignette of what’s inside in order to draw people in, incorporating a museum feeling with reverence to play and contrast with the product. Statues on columns evoke the ancient subject with a present-day character, mannequins designed with a futuristic glimpse are used throughout, as are full height glass display cases for accessories to mirror the museum element.

A staircase from the first-floor retail space moves visitors upstairs to the brand’s club, coffee bar, and lounge. The design permits people to look down on the mosaic and product highlights on the first floor through a section of glass floor. The rails throughout the store are designed in the two-toned triangular pattern found throughout Africa in black resin and stainless steel. And the staircase also features artwork on the risers and mirrored underbelly to lead people upstairs.

Established on the pillars of inclusivity, creativity, unity, and heritage, Daily Paper has made strides in connecting and building relationships with talent in the U.S. including Grammy Award-winning artist Lil Nas X, Keke Palmer, Anderson Paak, Young Thug, Summer Walker, Liam Payne, Quavo, Wale, and more.

The combination of rich African cultural heritage leads as the source of inspiration in conjunction with the contemporary designs which has allowed Daily Paper to become one of the fastest-growing European fashion brands. The Daily Paper collection features accessories, ready-to-wear, and a series of capsule collections created in collaboration within the music, culture, art, and fashion sectors.