David BenDavid Opens Up About Sprayground’s Chocolate Bag Collaboration With Hershey’s

Sprayground partnered with Hershey’s, launching a chocolatey collaboration for its stylishly designed backpacks, accessories and apparel. The Hershey’s Shark Bite backpack satisfies both the sweet tooth and the fashion connoisseur, and dropped today.

The backpack is a chocolate sensation that includes an augmented-reality Hershey’s bar, with a 4D big bite on the side of it- an iconic touch seen on Sprayground’s shark-bite bag. “When you get that rush for chocolate you know you just want to tear open that wrapper and take a big bite out that chocolate! I create bags with expression and emotions and I needed a design that would portray that so I thought, heck, why not, let’s just take a bite out of the bag,” says Sprayground founder David BenDavid. Read more at Forbes.