by Karen Alberg Grossman
David Donahue
Rob Donahue

In addition to all the fabulous clothes you’ll find in its bright beautiful showroom on the 21st Floor of 141 West 36th Street, David Donahue has converted its entryway into a warm and intimate lodge, complete with fireplace, lounge chairs, a huge flat-screen TV and lots of great booze.

Of course, since you’re in the market for fall fashion, you’ll be happy to note that this business has evolved over the past few seasons into a complete menswear collection, including great knitwear, dress and sport shirts, softcoats, tailored clothing, along with their signature neckwear and cufflinks. The taste level is impeccable, and the prices are surprisingly within reason.

David Donohue
Hagen Peyser

“Our goal is to make a $175 shirt that sells for $135,” explains Hagen Peyser, director of sales. In fact, luxury retailers sometimes complain that the suggested retails are too low since the product can easily command higher tickets.

Among our favorite picks for fall ’16: A Loro Piana storm system fabric softcoat that doubles as outerwear is $495 retail (personally tested by Rob Donahue, who says it’s perfect for weather north of 30 degrees), quarter zip knits with grey flannel trim are $225, cashmere sweaters in luscious shades are in the $295 range, and beautifully colored hand-sewn neckwear (designed by Suzy Donahue and made in NYC) sell at $115. Innovative sterling silver cuff links are still a mainstay at $150-$195.

So come by for the fashion; but while you’re there, have a hot toddy. Oh, but it’s cold outside!

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