by Karen Alberg Grossman
There are many wonderful charities in the fashion industry but few that change lives and inspire action like Delivering Good (formerly K.I.D.S/Fashion Delivers). The organization was the brainstorm of Allan Ellinger after Hurricane Katrina and has raised more $1.8 billion since its inception in 1985.

This year’s event brought in more than $1.8 million thanks to the dedication of the following 2018 honorees: Haim Dabah, the founder of KIDBOX and managing partner at HDS Capital; Gabriel Hamani, CEO of BHI; Annette Repasch, group vice president of Meijer, Inc.; Jamie Salter, founder, chairman, and CEO of Authentic Brands Group; and Nick Woodhouse, president and CMO of Authentic Brands Group. All the honorees spoke with passion and compassion about the dignity and hope that new clothing brings to needy children. All spoke of how working with Delivering Good has changed and enriched their lives.

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal presented the award to Salter and Woodhouse of Authentic Brands Group, with whom he’s been working for the past three years, with the acknowledgement that those who are blessed should give back. Salter noted that giving time is as important as writing a check and Woodhouse quoted Muhammad Ali: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your time on earth.”

Honoree Haim Dabah is proving to be a personification of Ali’s quote. He remembers watching his dad give to charities so no one knew he was giving. Inspired by values he learned from his dad and from working with Fashion Delivers, Dabah built an entire business (KIDBOX) on providing new clothing to kids in need. (It’s a subscription service for kids clothing: keep what you like, send back the rest; for every complete box sold, a box is donated to your charity of choice.)

What’s more, he organized “Kid’s Board of Directors”, a group of amazing young people who ultimately inspire other minors to get involved. Says Dabah, “For every kid who gets involved in doing good, the world will have less bullying and more kindness. What’s more, parents tell us that working with their kids to choose recipient charities is the first time they’ve discussed giving back. So hopefully, we’re building a company that will ‘deliver good’ through many future generations.”