Why Demna Gvasalia Is The First Designer To Truly Understand Internet Culture

by MR Magazine Staff

Some designers create work so timeless that it transcends history. Others have the skill to capture the spirit of a moment so precisely and instinctively that their power fades as the zeitgeist moves on, because it’s so tied up with that particular point in time. Then there are some who seem great at first, but, before long, start to look like last night’s drunken lay in the sober light of dawn. That’s when the embarrassment begins to set in along with thoughts of “oh, God; what was I thinking?” It’s too soon to tell where history will place Demna Gvasalia. Maybe he’ll be remembered as one of the greats, but even if he doesn’t he can take comfort from the fact that nobody in fashion is in tune with the ethos of our era like he is. A decade has passed since the proliferation of social media, the arrival of the iPhone and the rise of non-stop web connectivity redefined our lives and the world. Gvasalia is the first fashion designer that truly gets the Internet age. Read more at Highsnobiety.