The Democratic Convention Impersonates Nordstrom To #Engage Voters

by MR Magazine Staff

The Democratic National Convention Committee said today it’s working with Curalate, a startup that typically lets people shop for products they see in photos and videos on Instagram and elsewhere. But for the Democratic National Convention in Philly this coming July, Curalate’s DNC page will gather photos and videos in and around the convention that people can click through to, say, get more information on a plank in the Democrats’ platform. They’ll be able to register to vote or view a livestream of what’s happening at the convention at that moment. After the convention is over, Curalate will help the committee analyze what worked on their social media feeds just like any other brand, via metrics such as clickthroughs and impressions generated. “Curalate can take people from visual content directly into some form of action,” says Curalate CEO Apu Gupta. “It can bring users information about getting to participate.” Read more at Wired.