Designer Jerry Lorenzo Opens His Fear Of God Retail Experience In L.A.’S Arts District

by MR Magazine Staff

In an Arts District warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, shoppers are being transported into another world as they go through black double doors on South Hewitt Street. They are greeted by a sea of gray. Contrasting black walkways are sneakers neatly placed on top of rocks, and thick tree stumps break up the lunar landscape. A soundscape in the background evokes nature in between plays of Elevation Worship’s “Here as in Heaven.” This is where Fear of God label founder Jerry Lorenzo has set up what he calls Atmosphere, the name of his temporary new immersive retail exhibition. The space, open through Nov. 3, is Lorenzo’s attempt at slowing down the hype around him and his fashion label and an opportunity for fans to experience the art that is Fear of God. The design of the space — the colors, the decor, the sounds — are all reflective of the sixth visual campaign, which was inspired by “The NeverEnding Story” and meant to present an experience outside of time and space. Read more at Los Angeles Times.