Despite His Many Controversies, Fashion Didn’t ‘Cancel’ Kanye West In 2018

by Stephen Garner

When Issa Rae hosted the CFDA Awards back in June, she took aim at Kanye West in front of a room full of designers and industry influencers — his wife Kim Kardashian West, who accepted the first-ever CFDA Influencer Award that very evening, included. “When I’m left to my own devices, I’m about as fashionable as Kanye is Black — only when it’s convenient,” she joked, followed by a reference to the artist’s controversial TMZ interview the previous month. “You guys, that joke was my choice, just like slavery.” That interview was just one of many, many Kanye controversies to take place in 2018 — one conducted in the midst of his suddenly rampant support for President Donald Trump, which would reach its apex in a rambling monologue West made while hosting “Saturday Night Live” in late September. Longtime fans of West — a rapper, designer and creative who once seemed invincible — began writing him off in articles and blog posts, while fellow celebrities called him out on social media. Read more at Fashionista.