by Stephen Garner

Diesel’s parent company OTB has launched a new digital platform for buyers.

The new service, called Hyperoom, aims to create an immersive experience between buyers and brand reps. To minimize the fact that exchanges will now occur in a non-physical space, the order-taking process has been ultra-streamlined. Every brand of OTB (Diesel, Maison Margiela, Viktor & Rolf, Marni, and Amiri) will exist within Hyperoom, retaining its own style, personality, and values through a customized section of the platform.

For Diesel, its Hyperoom is modeled after its Milan showroom, where a buyer will feel like they are exploring the actual showroom in real life. To digitally recreate the selling process, the brand has enabled remote buying sessions through enhanced and comprehensive digital assets. As a result, buyers will be involved in a complete journey that goes beyond the typical showroom appointment.

The experience starts with a digital window, where the buyer will see the mood and the most iconic pieces offered of the season. From there, a multi-faceted arena of interactive components unfolds. Buyers can explore, viewing mood videos of the spring/summer 2021 collections, which spotlight the key looks and drops of the season.

Hallmark clothing and accessory pieces will be rendered in 360-degree displays. Detailed 2-D closeups with product descriptions will also be available.

A particular focus is dedicated to denim, the center of Diesel’s heritage. There will be a dedicated virtual space with “video fits” of each style, along with high quality rendered images to reproduce the touch and feel of the physical product.

To finalize an order, there is an easy-to-use interface that will provide the buyer with an overview of their selections. Throughout this virtual trip, a live Diesel rep will be connected with the buyer, speaking to the collection, and walking the buyer through the process.

“One must look for silver linings whenever and wherever possible. 2020 has sparked an urgency to accelerate what we can offer and accomplish in the digital space,” said Massimo Piombini, CEO of Diesel. “With this tool, we have set a new benchmark for the industry, in regard to digital transformation. The Hyperoom is the ultimate virtual buying experience.”

With this new buying platform, Diesel said it will be significantly reducing the number of clothing samples created to go on display in its showrooms, as well as reducing the need to travel to view its new collections.

The Hyperoom project, conceived and developed with the support of Accenture, a leading global professional services company, helps to set a new standard for the digitalization of the fashion industry.