How Differio Is Emerging As A Top Menswear Retailer In The U.S.

by MR Magazine Staff

Today, men’s fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there’s one online retailer that’s benefiting from this surge in stylish menswear. Based in New York City, Differio launched their menswear e-commerce in 2014 with plans to make trendy men’s clothing more prevalent and easily accessible for men all over the world. Currently available online only, their retail site includes an expansive range of tops and bottoms, from cool tank tops to skinny corduroy pants. Aside from men’s streetwear apparel and accessories, they recently launched a footwear section for trendy men’s shoes, including men’s fashion sneakers, combat boots, and oxfords. As a multi-brand retailer, Differio predominantly sells items by independent brands and designers, along with their own Differio line. Their brand base is continuously growing with currently over 100 international labels, focusing on designers with an eye for bold, unique designs. “Since we opened, we found a void in the menswear market for styles that are edgy and non-traditional, especially in the U.S.,” explained Jimmy Chrabieh, CEO and Chairman of Differio. With big plans ahead, he added, “Ultimately, our expansion strategy is to become the global retailer for trendy men’s clothing.” Read more at Debate Report.