Digging Into Skechers’ Undeniable Influence On The Chunky Sneaker Trend

by MR Magazine Staff

One of the most talked-about trends in footwear today is the chunky sneaker. Their soles are block-like, their colorways are generally retro, and they defy what we consider to be in good taste, and that’s why they’ve been aptly dubbed dad sneakers and ugly sneakers. So for a shoe that’s not always particularly flattering, their popularity can be perplexing. How we’ve arrived at this moment in fashion, however, isn’t entirely unclear. Our appetite for ’90s and ’00s culture hasn’t been satiated: we continue to reboot television shows, listen to throwbacks as if time hasn’t passed, and dress in manners that evoke nostalgic memories of our youth. That’s one reason why chunky sneakers have been given permission to exist in 2018, and why some brands have successfully revived the style. Look no further than Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers, an $850 shoe that regularly sells out, as proof. Look even closer, and you’ll discover a nod to one of the original chunky sneakers of the ’00s: Skechers’ D’Lites. Read more at Highsnobiety.