Digital Fit Upstart Takes Touch Out Of Trying On Clothes

As consumers demand more and more, one startup in the apparel space is committed to deliver less—90% less—to declutter the shopping experience. Fit:Match, which this week announced its national rollout, uses a proprietary computer algorithm to select garments that fit an individual properly in all the right places while concealing from view the vast majority of items that won’t fit or flatter her body. At a time when Covid-19 concerns keep shoppers away from musty store fitting rooms, the service provides a way to try on clothes digitally, without touching anything, by browsing an apparel assortment online that’s curated to their precise body measurements. “We will never show you something that you will find to be a poor fit. We will literally hide it from you,” Fit:Match CEO and founder Haniff Brown told me in an interview this week. “That sounds provocative but that is what customers told us they want. They said, ‘Show me things that fit me and hide the ones that don’t.’ ” Read more at Forbes.