Digital’s Role In The Shopper Journey: 3 New Takeaways

by MR Magazine Staff

First the shopper looks online on his mobile phone. Then on his iPad, and then back to his phone. He compares product details, prices and reviews with four retail options, including a warehouse club and a mass discounter. Finally, two days later, he chooses a rice cooker from a mass retailer’s mobile site based on shipping costs and timing. Nothing in this decision process reflects the shopper’s age (44) or education (some college). However, his behavior, through the purchase path he traveled, can provide retailers much insight into how shoppers act outside the store. These are the findings of Bazaarvoice, which helps retailers and brands develop relevant content and advertising to engage consumers. Bazaarvoice tracked the shopping journeys of four shoppers looking for very specific items: the rice cooker, a computer, a purse and a refrigerator. The results reveal numerous sets of complex and sometimes lengthy shopper journeys, regardless of persona. Indeed, the findings amplify the message that it’s more effective for retailers to understand and target consumers by knowing where they are across devices rather than by who they are. Read more at Forbes.