The Director Of The New Dries Van Noten Documentary On Capturing The Designer’s World

by MR Magazine Staff

After 30 years in business, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten has opened up his studio and home for new documentary, titled Dries. For an entire year, German filmmaker Reiner Holzemer documented the precise steps that Van Noten takes to conceive four collections – the rich fabrics, embroidery and prints exclusive to his designs. We’re taken on a journey into Van Noten’s home life, through his Antwerp studio, and behind the scenes at the designer’s formidable Paris fashion week show. Holzemer also interviews some of Van Noten’s friends and fans: fashion journalist Suzy Menkes and doyenne of style Iris Apfel sing his praises and provide insight into his philosophies, creative development and influence. Ultimately, the film offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the life, mind and creative heart of Dries Van Noten, a designer who has remained independent in fashion (a rarity) with no outside investment, no ad campaigns, and very few celebrity dress credits. Here, Holzemer reflects on Dries ahead of its UK premiere next week. Read more at Hero Magazine.