Ditch the Suit! And Have All Your Clothes Made Just for You

Bosses want bodies back in their cubicles, but that doesn’t mean things will look the same as they did before the 2020 exodus. The most notable aesthetic change may be the workplace suit—or the lack of it. The fusty old two-piece was already in decline before the pandemic, destabilized by casual Fridays, defied by Silicon Valley’s power vest, and upstaged by the popularity of streetwear.

Covid-19 was just another nail in its coffin. A 2022 forecast from personal-styling service Stitch Fix found that half of millennials say they never plan to wear a suit again, preferring to search instead for categories such as “business comfort.” Sales at clothing curator Thread actually went up in the past year, despite “significant declines” in the sales of suits, ties, and Oxford shoes. Read more at Bloomberg.

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  1. New Yorkers are certain that what they experience is the way the whole country behaves. Suit sales are through the roof, what the heck are you guys TALKING about?!?!? Best in over 25 years. Now you people are SO superstitious.

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