by Karen Alberg Grossman

At a recent Zoom meeting with its specialty store members, the conversation turned from sales to marketing. Always there to help, DLS execs immediately got to work on a customizable electronic flipbook for stores to send their customers for holiday selling. Says Lee Leonard, “We’ve always done printed catalogs for our member stores and, more recently, digital flipbooks. This season, we took it one step further by adding links to each store’s electronic catalog, thereby sending customers directly to featured product on the store’s e-commerce site or else to the store’s website for a more extensive selection.”

Fred Derring explains that “Shop Local” has become an important aspect of each store’s community. “Ads for various local businesses were incorporated into the electronic catalog, as were ads from women’s brands (for those stores that carry women’s fashion). We believe the Shop Local sentiment will continue strong, helping to bolster business in independent specialty stores post-pandemic and well into the future.”

“Helping our stores create exciting ways to interact with their customers continues to be a DLS priority,” sums up Virginia Sandquist.

Take a look at a few DLS member store’s flipbooks below.


  1. Great way to go we all have to change our thinking on how we buy and sell the old way we did our buying and selling has changed. Way to go Fred

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