Do Fashion Collaborations Actually Make Restaurants Money?

by MR Magazine Staff

When it comes to America’s obsession with dining out, restaurant branded merchandise is the perfect way to flash brand loyalty. From Turkey and the Wolf’s colorful trucker hats to James Beard winner Alon Shaya’s hummus and pita earrings, the days of Hard Rock Cafe ruling restaurant fashion are long gone. So, too, is the message that a restaurant logo is simply an easy way to spot tourists. This year a T-shirt was used to raise awareness about a rent hike for a beloved New York City bodega. And it’s becoming commonplace for streetwear designers like Kith to drop limited-release collections with high-end restaurants most people can’t get into, like Carbone. Even this perennially unfashionable writer had enough sense to rep his favorite food brands back in the day, with Nestlé Quik and Reese’s Pieces T-shirts being essentials in my middle school wardrobe. Read more at Fortune.