by Stephen Garner

Dockers has signed a new three-year partnership with Waves For Water founder Jon Rose to address the issue of water scarcity.

Called “Work Forward,” the partnership stems from the idea that anything can be accomplished, no matter how daunting, so long as hard work, commitment, and forward momentum are at the forefront.

For the last ten years, Dockers and Waves For Water have been addressing the water scarcity crisis in their own ways. While Dockers has been developing new practices to reduce its water use, Waves For Water has been working on the ground to get people access to clean water by supplying portable water filtration systems to communities in need. (To date, Waves For Water has given over 3 million people access to clean water in over 44 countries.)

What Dockers is doing now, through this partnership, is encouraging its customers to donate to the cause. Each donation will see a Waves For Water’s MVP water filter provided to a family in need of clean water. These filters are the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to get clean water to communities in need. For every donation, Dockers will match it up to $50,000 worth of filters. And, starting in October, customers can round up a portion of their purchases to benefit Waves For Water.

“What interests me is commitment,” said Rose. “We have the solutions, we know what can be done. Now, who’s going to step up and commit? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist as long as you have a crazy work ethic. And if you simply do the thing you say you’re going to do, so much can be accomplished.”