by John Russel Jones

Designer Anthony Rubio sent a collection of eclectic couture creations down the runway for his Spring Summer 2023 collection at New York Fashion Week, including styles for women, men, dogs, and one lucky cat!

“I am so proud of my New York Fashion Week presentation for Spring Summer 2023,” said Rubio. “My collection included 20 creations for humans and 20 of my Canine Couture designs.

“The collection I sent down the runway was very eclectic. Normally I latch onto a theme presenting a more tightly cohesive collection but this time I wanted to capture a representation of life as we are experiencing it. So I call this collection ‘Everyday People…and Their Pets.’ I was inspired over the past months by moods and everyday life. There was a little of everything speaking of how we forge forward acclimating to changes and challenges but never forgetting to celebrate our connections with our pets.”

Rubio’s collection included pieces for day, lounge, streetwear, and formal, including those for the human models’ four-legged companions. All garments were created with recycled materials.

“For the pets, I designed in bright vibrant colors with lots of glimmer, each a unique  work of art. These garments represent how much our pets brighten our days even at the worst of times,” Rubio said. “As I have stated time and again, our pets which are mostly adopted from shelters and rescues are models and not accessories. We celebrate our pets and they enjoy not only wearing these creations but they love doing these shows and getting the message out that people should adopt, not shop.”

Every season, Rubio partners with animal shelters and organizations to include dogs that are up for adoption in his show. This year’s canine models included dogs from shelters, rescue groups, clients and social media influencers. Proceeds from the sales of the canine couture go to various rescue organizations.

In my world, the humans are the accessories —Anthony Rubio

Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican ancestry, Anthony Rubio grew up immersed in his Latin culture loving everything from music and cuisine to the elaborate fashions which inspired his colorful palate and evolution as one of the hottest sought after designers to date. Growing up in the most rebellious and yet most expressive periods in the history of fashion helped both influence and mold him into the visionary he is today.

With a formal education in women’s wear design and twenty years of experience creating and innovating new concepts and techniques, Anthony Rubio had no reservations about delving into the world of pet fashions earning for himself the title of Master Pet Couturier.

Anthony Rubio’s Canine Couture is meticulously handcrafted by the designer utilizing the finest materials to produce a one-of-a-kind creation for your four-legged family member taking into full consideration comfort and safety above all.

For more information, check out Rubio’s Instagram @ AnthonyRubio01, and follow #AnthonyRubio