Dov Charney Is Launching A Company That Sounds Exactly Like American Apparel

by MR Magazine Staff

After a long legal battle, any chance that Dov Charney was ever going to have control over American Apparel again dissolved last week. A court approved American Apparel’s bankruptcy plan, draining Charney’s stake in the company and prompted him to write a goodbye letter to the brand. However, the AA founder has already announced plans for a new project that will continue to make life difficult for his old brand. Now, Charney is starting from the bottom again on a venture that sounds exactly like American Apparel. The new project is backed by Chad Hagan, president of investment firm Hagan Capital Group, who backed Charney’s bid to reclaim American Apparel. Hagan says the new company will make basics for men and women, will manufacture everything in the US, and will focus on wholesale in the early stages. Sound familiar? Read more at Racked.