How To Dress Like A Creative, Even If You’re A Suit

by MR Magazine Staff

Nobody grew up wanting to dress like an accountant. James Bond? Sure. Sid Vicious? Maybe. The point is, just because you work in a boring old office doesn’t mean your clothes have to be boring or old. If you happen to be an accountant, that’s awesome. Why not be the most stylish accountant around? The first step to disrupting your office wardrobe is changing your shoes and the shirt you wear with your suit. And nothing gives your suit a kick in the pants like some contrasty black and white sneakers and a striped long sleeve shirt. The bold graphic shapes will demand attention without hurting your coworkers eyes. Not to mention, the lack of saturation will keep you from looking overly casual and help you wear those sneakers with almost any one of your suits. See more at GQ.