Duckie Brown Scraps The System, Presents A Single Look For Spring 2017

by MR Magazine Staff

Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown never fail to delight. On a particularly muggy June morning, the duo behind Duckie Brown are shooting their Spring 2017 lookbook—quite literally a one-look book—and taking appointments in their West Village studio. Immediately upon entering, they offer up a homemade blend of lemonade and begin perfuming the space with incense. Tell ’em you like the smell, and they’ll roll two sticks up in a napkin for you to take home. Their latest experiment sees them reassessing ways to better serve their customer base and throwing a wrench in the traditional fashion show format in the process. After 15 years in business, 13 showing as a part of men’s Fashion Weeks, Cox and Silver are cutting back—way back. For Fall 2016 they showed six runway looks, today, for Spring 2017, they are showing a single ensemble. That’s right, just one look. Their studio is filled to the brim with bolts of fabric and stuffed garment racks, and yet they beckon me over to a corner with four items on a rack. See more at Vogue.