by Stephen Garner

Love Letters from Britain is a new series of documentary-style films from Walpole UK and BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions that explores why British brands lead the way in defining a new era of luxury.

Showcasing the culture of innovation at Dunhill, a short film has been created illustrating the balance of tradition and modernity, creativity, and craftsmanship that underpins its heritage and continued evolution.

Set at different locations across London, including Dunhill’s headquarters in Mayfair, the archive in Walthamstow, and Sleeper Sounds Studios in West London, the film presents a sophisticated and contemporary image of the city that has always been integral to the legacy of the brand. In the film, creative director Mark Weston, together with musician and composer Moses Boyd, speak personally about culture, modern masculinity, and the importance of community, while reflecting on a relevant and fluid idea of Britishness.

Moses has been a close collaborator of the brand from early on, composing the music for runway shows, brand films, and other special projects. He is also a founding member of the Dunhill Community, a collective established to nurture honest and authentic connections with individuals of shared values, that strive to push culture forward.

“I’ve been fortunate to work and collaborate with the team at Dunhill for a few years now. Britishness and masculinity is constantly evolving and reshaping itself,” said Boyd. “It’s been refreshing to work with a team eager to confront and challenge those narratives within their work, whilst also being part of a community that can reflect that.”

“The exploration and representation of modern masculinity is critical in my work at Dunhill,” added Weston. “It’s about nuances, it’s about acceptance, it’s about individuality and how we support and embrace that. For me, the idea of the Dunhill man is multiple, not singular – I like to think about different kinds of men, not just in terms of their style but who they are and what they believe in.”

Driven by a desire to change the perception of what a British luxury brand is today, Weston’s renewed vision for Dunhill embraces past, present, and future. With an insistence on quality, innovation, and subversion of the brand’s design codes, his collections are sophisticated yet provocative.

Dunhill’s short film Re-Imagining Modern Masculinity is now live on lovelettersfrombritain.com.