EBay CEO: Get Used to Shopping With Your Voice

by MR Magazine Staff

As retail is getting personal, shoppers are also adapting to ordering items online with voice technology — no keyboard required. “The way humans interface with computers is changing fast,” eBay Chief Executive Officer Devin Wenig told CNBC Tuesday from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “It’s moving from text to images and voice.” Wenig said his company has been spending “a lot of time” to rally behind the movement toward voice shopping. EBay is already partnering with Google, where users can shop ebay.com, among other retailer’s websites, via their Home devices. “I don’t think the world will be in … [Amazon] Alexa or Google Home,” he added. “That will be one way people shop, and there will be many others.” Many major retailers including Target and Walmart are also partnering with Google (their websites can be shopped via Google Home), which is in a constant battle with Amazon to win over brands. Meanwhile, Amazon is touting more private-label lines, such as Wickedly Prime and Mama Bear, through its Echo devices. Read more at CNBC.