Éditions m.r looks to redefine the french aesthetic in spring collection

by Stephen Garner

Éditions M.R unveiled its spring/summer 2020 collection last week in Paris as part of men’s fashion week.

This season’s collection is inspired by tech-obsessed student life and the arrival of social media at the start of the Millennium. It is further influenced by the photography of Tim Barney and the film The Social Network retelling the rise of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. A place where sportswear becomes a uniform, where cargo shorts are the norm, relayed within the specific visual world of frat houses and their use of the Greek letter SIGMA as an abstract form of a certain idealism.

Éditions M.R spring 2020

At the same time the brand has looked to redefine a French aesthetic for Éditions M.R through different visual themes inspired by the literary world, publishing houses, calligraphy but also by French traditions like hunting jackets, Houndstooth coats, striped neckties, and also by the France of the 1970s, with its corporate logos, bold striped shirts, and putty-colored hues.

The result is a collection where the casual becomes the new formal, a logo becomes a sign of elegance, where sportswear adopts French refinements in the choice of cut and fabric, in the design of transformed suits.

Éditions M.R spring 2020