by Elise Diamantini


My husband loves Ben Sherman suits. Mostly because he can buy off the rack without any alterations. He bought a “new blue” suit from their SoHo store about three years ago and has worn it to just about every wedding we attend (which in your early 30s averages to about 10 a year). Thankfully he has purchased a few more since then, but the blue one is his favorite. Just recently he noticed a huge tear in the pants. Upset about the rip, he took the pants to a local tailor, hoping a quick stitch would do the trick. No such luck. So he took the pants down to the Ben Sherman store, thinking he could buy another pair that matched the jacket. But since he bought the suit so long ago they don’t make that color anymore. However, the sales associate offered to leave the pants with their in-house tailor. My husband agreed, and got a call a few days later: they were able to stitch up the pants beautifully…at no charge! Now, I know this type of thing is typical at an independent men’s specialty store, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a larger, more mainstream brand would offer such great service, without a receipt, and three years after he originally bought it. So thank you Ben Sherman. Your incredible service has earned you a customer for life.