by Karen Alberg Grossman

Although it’s been more recently considered an antiquated way to get customers into the store, the trunk show, when correctly executed, is the perfect remedy to the past few years of pandemic-inspired online shopping.

I happened to be talking the other day to Edward Armah, who had just returned from an event at Andrew Davis in Bloomington feeling totally energized. “I haven’t felt this kind of energy in a long time,” he confided. “People were buying like crazy: pocket squares, ties, $50 socks (buy six, the seventh was a gift from the store…) I don’t know if the surge was back-to-office-inspired or more simply pent-up demand, but it felt great! (I met and had dinner with a gentleman who had just purchased seven LBM suits!)”

Of course, I had to follow-up with Andy Mallor to uncover his success secrets. “Andrew Davis is an event-driven store, and we take great care to ensure our events are successful. We use Oneshop and send Save the Date emails to all our clients, letting them know which vendors are coming and when. We continue to promote each event with personal emails, and we make many phone calls to schedule appointments during the event. (Our clients who cannot make an event will ask us to remember them to a specific rep and let them know when the rep returns to town…)

Our event this past weekend included everything from suits to shoes. We featured Stenströms shirts and sportswear, Luigi Bianchi Made to Measure, LBM, Edward Armah and Johnson & Murphy shoes. The reps from these companies are very familiar with our clients, know them by name, and know their fashion preferences. Our featured vendors get great real estate at the store for the event; they are great retail partners.

“Our clients loved meeting with Edward Armah who sold 38 ties, 70 socks and 45 pocket squares. Adam Sitzmann from Stenströms sold more than 100 shirts, and Angelo Zenga from Luigi Bianchi had a wonderful day meeting previous Luigi Bianchi customers and new ones. Jeff Munzel from Johnson & Murphy got to see many familiar faces who came specifically to see him. The best comment of the weekend was from a client who said that, when attending an Andrew Davis event, he always feels like he’s coming home. Events like this not only provide our clients with the latest in fashion but more importantly offer a personal touch like no other setting. We extend our gratitude to all the vendors who make this possible. We look forward to our next event!”

So clearly, there’s nothing antiquated about inviting customers to view your new seasonal offerings, offering beverages and bites, making it a celebration of fashion, friendship, and fun. Please let us know your ideas for successful in-store events. Happy Selling!


  1. Andy and his team have always been one of the best, and the trunk shows are always easy going and fun. What a great crew!

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