by Stephen Garner

For its spring/summer ‘21 season, Eleventy recounts, with a sense of gratification and nostalgia, the unique and unmistakable style that has always distinguished Italian quality in the world. A style that is always elegant, never forced, or contrived. A retrospection on how today, as in the past, contemporary society tends to look back to admire and rediscover the roots of history.

“The desire for beauty and a good life is stronger than ever,” said Marco Baldassari, founder and creative director at Eleventy Man. “We need to value the good things in life, the things that really matter. Time is key for setting the style for a new way of dressing, now based on what is truly beautiful, that never goes out of fashion, but remains stylish forever like the elegance represented by our icon Marcello Mastroianni.”

“We will be elegant for ourselves, not only for other people,” Baldassari continued. “We’ll be well-dressed and comfy at the same time in order to seek to heal ourselves in a new, more relaxed world, in which we will be forced to stay at home more often, giving us the chance to enjoy some peace and harmony and take better care of ourselves.”

The Italian style of the Sixties, of world-famous seaside resorts, of deconstructed tailored jackets with elegant floral printed shirts, and a tribute to Italian Art Nouveau, Portofino, Capri, and Taormina, serve as inspiration.

This is shown by style icons like the great Marcello Mastroianni whose characters remain a constant point of reference in fashion. Tailor-made suits are worn with nonchalant elegance, like in Fellini’s treasured La Dolce Vita. Linen shirts, panama hats and small scarves tied around the neck have made Italian glamour famous all over the world.

At the core of Eleventy, in its very DNA, is this unique character of Italian tradition. For the summer 2021 season, the brand proposes a new way of wearing the classic suit, combining it with a retro, deconstructed collar shirt to be worn unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow.

Shirts with Riviera collar or polo shirts with embossed stripes and hidden collar stays or striped sailor tees in new and refined colors.

Bright whites, natural tints, military hues, and the different shades of light blue are the colors of the 2021 spring/summer season.

Outfits are made to feel and weigh lighter, perfect to be worn indoors, and during our busy days at home. This is Eleventy’s idea of business casual, where elegance is imperceptible. It’s never loud, only whispered. The brand treasures relaxed fits and personal state-of-being during free time, enriched only with tiny sophisticated details, such as the thin striped pullovers or the retro sporty jackets.

Being well-dressed while comfy at the same time, the brand is giving guys something to wear while on video calls at home. This is the reason why Eleventy thought of using fabrics and weaves that are extremely pleasant to the touch, beautiful and absolutely pure such as the natural hemp or the super-chic Sea Island cotton to create refined and ultra-light polo shirts and soft tees that are smooth to the touch, featuring hidden inlays and tiny, contemporary color asymmetries. Or the linen sweatshirts that look bleached by the salt, faded by the sun and the sea, and the pure hemp “T-Shirt Poesia” expresses the brand’s passion for Italian beauty in just a few verses.